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Essentials of Reiki, the universal healing energy


Below are some resources you'll find useful to delve further into Reiki and healing. We invite you to suggest other resources that you have found useful.

Key Web Sites on Reiki

Reiki portal at - Extensive information including Reiki Myths and FAQ by the author of The Everything Reiki book.

International Center for Reiki Training - Good collection of articles from US-based organization founded by William Lee Rand. ICRT believes in experimenting and evolving Reiki.

International House of Reiki - Australia-based organization founded by Frans & Bronwen Stiene. Focuses on traditional roots of Reiki.

Wikipedia entry on Reiki - Basic information on Reiki.

Reiki Organizations - Listing of Reiki organizations across the planet.

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine - Backgrounder article on Reiki.

Additional Sites covering a broader area

Heart of Healing - Insights into energy healing.

Advanced Yoga Practices - Extensive free online lessons on meditation to build internal energies for spiritual growth and healing.

Essentials of Buddhism - Core teachings of Buddhism presented elegantly.

Spring Forest Qigong - Powerful healing technique to tap into Chi (same as Ki energy in Reiki) as taught by Chunyi Lin.

Writings of Paramahansa Yogananda - Selected excerpts providing insight into life by a peerless master.

Emotional Freedom Technique - A simple, free technique to tap specific points with finger tips and release emotions for healing.

Lucid Field - Pioneers of a Wellness Platform, which includes spiritual life coaching, wellness centers, smartphone software for relaxation.


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Essentials of Reiki, the universal healing energy