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Essentials of Reiki, the universal healing energy


Frequently Asked Questions

Why has Reiki become so popular?

Reiki is very simple and can be practiced by anyone anytime. You can even use it on pets and plants. Also, it is empowering to know that one can heal oneself.

How can I experience Reiki?

To receive Reiki healings, you can look for a Reiki practitioner close to where you live. Setup a time for one or more sessions, each session typically lasts 60 minutes.

Do I need to understand the mechanisms that make Reiki work before I can use it?

No, not at all. The details of energy body and how energy flows are not required. Reiki energy knows where to go, we don't need any expertise in energy mechanisms to use it much like we do not need to understand how an internal combustion engine works to use a car.

How can I learn Reiki?

You can learn much about Reiki through books and the web (see resources). You can also take classes and seminars on Reiki. To practice Reiki on yourself or others, you must get an attunement through a Reiki class or seminar. A weekend class for the first two levels of Reiki is typical. Costs for these classes tend to be affordable.

Does practicing Reiki require changing my religious affilation? Does it involve any cults or secret ceremonies?

No. Reiki is not a religion or a cult. You do not have to change your religion or join an organization of any kind to practice Reiki.



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Essentials of Reiki, the universal healing energy